Jan 05, 2019

Yet no A/L Bio-Science syllabus! Featured

The bio-science syllabus for the 2019 GCE A/L examination and teacher’s manuals have still not been received by the schools, the Deshaya newspaper reported.

It is said that only five of the 10 lesson syllabuses in the bio-science stream has been issued.                      

Principals have said that as there is just around 08 more months for the examination, the failure to issue the syllabuses is a grave injustice to the students sitting the GCE A/L examination in 2019.

However, when contacted, the Director General of the National Education Institute Jayanthi Gunasekara said the news report was false and that her institution had properly prepared the curriculum and sent.

Meanwhile, when contacted, the Chairman of the All Ceylon Teachers’Association Joseph Stalin said not only the bio science stream, but the curriculum for many other subjects too have still not been given to the teachers in a methodical manner.

He noted that this issue had arisen with the subject revision procedure.

Upon further investigation, we discovered that the Ceylon Teachers’ Union had issued a press release in this regard in March 2018.