Jan 02, 2019

25 SLFPers to join govt. - Rajitha

Health Minister Dr. Rajitha Senaratne said that 25 SLFP electorate organisers would join the government in the near future and that they would hold a press briefing shortly and reveal their plans.

He said this at a ceremony to declare open the Payagala, Hirigalgodella road built at a cost of Rs. 6.5 million and the opening of the Gallanamulla, Polwatte road built at a cost of Rs. 8 million.

“There are claims that seven UNP-Mps are planning on sitting independently, but according to the constitution, only 30 ministerial posts can be given. Even if the President flouted the constitution the Prime Minister will not do so as he is an educated good man. He holds a degree from a Sri Lankan university and is a world acknowledged leader. Hence he will not flout the constitution.

It is irrelevant to the people whether we are given ministerial posts or not and there is no point in complaining to the media that we have not received ministerial posts either. That issue should be raised at the ministerial meeting.”