Vandalizing of Buddha statues Vandalizing of Buddha statues
Dec 27, 2018

President inquires from Kabir Hashim about Mawanella incidents Featured

President Maithripala Sirisena, who is presently in Thailand with his family on vacation, yesterday (26) telephoned minister Kabir Hashim and inquired him about the disturbing incidents in Mawanella.

The president has given instructions to the police and the armed forces to bring the situation under control and commended the minister for his intervention, a staff member of minister Hashim told Sri Lanka Mirror.

Police say two suspects have been arrested in connection with the vandalizing of Buddha statues at several locations in Mawanella.

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Two suspects arrested

Area residents captured two youths in a motorcycles when they attempted to damage a Buddha statue at a junction around dawn yesterday.

A police officer said they believe these youths to be behind the other similar incidents in the past few days.

He described the incidents as an attempt to create trouble between Sinhala and Muslim people.

Mavanalla 003Special security, including STF commandos, provided to Mawanella

Special security, including STF commandos, has now been provided to Mawanella.

Minister Hashim who represents the area, says in a facebook posting that the law should be enforced strictly against the persons responsible.

He says attacks on religious places will not be tolerated.

Mawanalla 004Minister Kabir Hashim’s facebook posting

A meeting took place with the participation of religious leaders, state and law enforcement officials and area resident to discuss the situation.

Meanwhile, secretary of Budu Saviya Ven. Budugala Jinawansa Thera has written to president Sirisena, requesting strong legal action to prevent these isolated incidents from becoming a clash between communities.

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