Dec 31, 2016

More substandard pumps ordered for filling stations Featured

Information has come to light about a racket that has been going on for some years at certain filling stations that use substandard pumps, say CPC sources.

CPC officials are trying to sell these pumps, made in China, despite their quality being questioned previously too.

The amount of fuel pumped is less than what is shown by these pumps, causing losses for the consumer but the racketeers.

The CPC’s marketing division is giving telephone calls through their regional managers to filling stations in order to sell these faulty pumps.

Suppliers have complained to the authorities concerned with regard to the racket, but no action has so far been taken.

The filling stations have been recommended to use the internationally accepted OIML certified Tokheim pumps made in the UK.

However, the Chinese-made Censtar began to be imported in 2005, with 3,000 pumps arriving in the first year.

After finding them to be faulty, the CPC imported 4,000 to 5,000 Sanki pumps, also of Chinese made and not having the OIML certification, between 2007 and 2010.

At the same time, the CPC distributed around 100 pumps which it had made using old spare parts in 2007-08.

After Harry Jayawardena was appointed the CPC chairman, these faulty pumps were exposed, and their importation was halted.

In 2012, a cabinet order resulted in a proper assessment by a technical committee headed by the main refinery engineer of the CPC In 2012.

As per the recommendations of this committee, the pumps were tested at the CPC’s workshop and 56 chosen as being fit for use.

Despite all these, 500 more substandard pumps were ordered in 2016.

At present, nearly 80 per cent of fillings stations use these substandard pumps, ‘Sathhanda’ reports.