Dec 19, 2018

Last Siripada season garbage still un-cleared (pics)

The garbage of the pilgrims at the Hatton railway station and the rest room during the last Sripada season has still not been cleared for the past six months, according to the Hatton Railway Station workers.

They said that the pilgrims discard their litter into the bins placed at the railway station.

Although the Hatton Dik-Oya Municipal Council had cleared the garbage at the Hatton Railway Station on several occasions, they had not cleared the garbage accumulated during the final few days of the previous Sri Pada season.

With the 2018-2019 Sri Pada season scheduled to commence from this Unduwap Poya day, the Hatton railway workers had urged the Dik-Oya Municipal Council to clear the piled up garbage as there is no place to collect the litter of the next batch of pilgrims.

When we contacted the PHI of the Hatton-Dik-Oya Municipal Council, Ramaiyah Balakrishnan regarding this issue, he said the garbage had not been cleared as the Hatton Railway Station workers had failed to segregate the garbage. However, he said that measures would be taken to remove the piled up garbage.

Pics by Ranjith Rajapakshe – Hatton Corr.


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