Dec 18, 2018

‘Uttara Devi’ ready for maiden journey

One of the two Super-Luxury trains imported from India will make its maiden journey from Colombo Fort to Kankasanthurai on December 21.

According to the Railway department train numbering this train is numbered as E-13 and will commence its maiden trip from Colombo Fort at 11.50 am.

The two trains had been imported by the Railway Department on a loan facility from India and after initial testing, one of the trains have been deployed for the comfort of the Northern commuters.

Currently, a super-luxury train service operates from Mount Lavinia to KKS and is very popular among the Northern people.

However, the Northern people say that in comparison to the Northern commuters, the number of trains deployed is significantly insufficient. They claim that as the Railway Department gets a significant income from the Northern train service, a more streamlined and efficient train service should be deployed for the North.