Dec 11, 2018

‘We admit not having 113’ - Dallas

Matara district MP-Dallas Allahapperuma said that they admit to not having 113 seats in parliament and that the UNP has 101 seats.

He expressed these views at the Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna Weligama seat meeting.

“The Speaker claims that Mahinda Rajapaksa does not have 113 seats and we admit it. However, the 122 signatures obtained by the UNP includes the signatures of the 15 from Sampanthan’s TNA and Anura Kumara’s six. Accordingly, Ranil has only 101.

The Executive Presidency is operational in this country since 1987 and since then there have been seven elections held. However only in the 1988 and 2010 elections that there was majority and none of the other elections showed majority to any party and no one was asked to show majority. This has been the history over the past 25 years. Therefore, there has not been any unconstitutional, anti-state activity and we represent the correct camp.”