Dec 11, 2018

Bat flip to replace coin toss at BBL?

This year's Big Bash League in Australia will feature a flip of a bat to replace the traditional coin toss.

Captains will choose between "hills or flats" instead of heads or tails to decide who bats first.

BBL officials said the bat used for the flip had been modified to promote an even result.

"For me it's a great moment which reflects what BBL is about," Cricket Australia's head of the Big Bash League, Kim McConnie, said.

Cricket's coin toss has been a topic of discussion in recent years with suggestions it should be abandoned to allow the visiting team the decision to bat or bowl first.

Plans to remove the coin toss in Test cricket to reduce the degree of home advantage were backed by the England and Wales Cricket Board in May.

The flip of the bat derives from backstreet cricket and Ms McConnie said: "Some people don't like change but I'd also challenge people to say when was the last time anyone watched the coin toss or really focused on it?

"We are making it much more relevant to families, we are creating a moment which is much more fitting with kids."

(BBC Sport)