Dec 07, 2018

Around 1440kg tea leaves set ablaze in Hatton

A stock of 1440kg of tea leaves that was being transported to a tea factory in the Hatton area had been set on fire by a group on unknown persons yesterday (06).

The workers at the Stadon Tea estate in Hatton, who had not complied with the CWC launched strike, had been transporting this stock of tea leaves from the Stadon Tea estate to the tea factory by tractor, when it had been destroyed.

Lodging a complaint at the Hatton Police, the estate administration had stated that a group of unknown persons had been waiting for the tractor and when it approached them they had poured kerosene oil onto the stock of tea leaves and set it ablaze.

However, while the Hatton Police was investigating the incident, the estate administrators had withdrawn the complaint last night.

Strike enters fourth day

Meanwhile, the strike action launched by the Sri Lanka Workers Congress demanding that the daily wage of the estate labourer be increased to Rs. 1000, entered its fourth day.

The members of the CWC had been engaged in the strike, but the rest of the estate workers’ union members had been engaged in their daily duties today (07) as usual.

The United Estate Unions had rejected the proposal made by the Planter’s association for the increase of the all-inclusive daily wage to Rs. 1012 including the Rs. 530 wage to Rs. 600, the current attendance allowance from Rs. 75 to Rs. 140.

Pics by Ranjith Rajapaksha – Hatton Corr.