Dec 05, 2018

Indian labourers at Galewela Police (pics)

A group of around 30 Indian labourers had lodged a complaint at the Galewela Police yesterday requesting that they be deported back to India as they had not been provided food and salaries for three months by their employer.

It was recently revealed through the media that these Indian labourers who had been brought to the country by a company laying high tension power lines and they had been residing at a house in Kospotha, Galewela without their passports and visas or even basic requirements being provided to them.

The private company that had employed them had promised to pay their wages and send them back to India soon, until yesterday (04) nothing had been done to fulfil this undertaking.

The Indian labourers had been at the police station for several hours and the private company representatives who had come there had promised to settle their wages and send them back to India by tomorrow.

The group of Indians appreciated with gratitude the assistance extended to them by the Sri Lankans when their employers had failed to provide them food and had taken away their travel documents.

They said that if not for the Sri Lankan media, they would still be without food and no way to get back home.

Pics by Kanchana Kumara Ariyadasa – Dambulla Corr.




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