Dec 04, 2018

Mahinda committed a grave folly - Gomin Dayasri Featured

Mahinda Rajapaksa committed a grave folly when he accepted the premiership offer of president Maithripala Sirisena on October 26, says Gomin Dayasri, president’s counsel and Rajapaksa-loyalist.

Dayasri says he did not understand as to who had advised Rajapaksa to accept the position.

He notes that during the period he was Rajapaksa’s lawyer, his advice was taken and implemented correctly.

The political changes now taking place cannot be approved, he says further.

As per the interim injunction issued yesterday, the country is now without either a PM or a cabinet, he says.

The CA order restrains prime minister Mahinda Rajapaksa and his cabinet from functioning until the hearing of the writ of quo warranto petition filed against them.

Country is very unstable

Dayasri also says the country is in a very unstable situation, and notes that the executive president should now take the most correct decisions.

According to him, there are no constitutional provisions to go for a general election, but there are legal provisions to hold a presidential election.