Dec 29, 2016

Gammanpila demands enforcement of law against Sumanthiran Featured

Joint opposition MP Udaya Gammanpila accuses parliamentary colleague from the TNA M.A. Sumanthiran of trying to provoke racism by refusing to accept the Colombo high court verdict to acquit the accused in the murder of MP Nadaraja Raviraj, by citing the all-Sinhalese jury in the case.

The law should be enforced against Sumanthiran stricter than against Tissa Attanayake, who was accused of provoking racism and refused bail by courts, Gammanpila has told Neth News.

Sumanthiran has said that the ruling to clear the suspects, including three Navy men, would be appealed.

Language of the judiciary

When contacted, Dr. Pratibha Mahanamahewa said the constitutional clearly defined the language to be used in the judiciary - as Tamil in the north and the east and Sinhala in the rest of the country.

Lawyer U.R. de Silva said in response to Gammanpila’s criticism of Sumanthiran that a person has the right to question a court ruling, once given, but not when the case was still being heard.

Minister Mano Ganeshan has said the acquittal of the suspects in the Raviraj murder would cause a breach of trust in the judiciary and justified calls for an international investigation into war crimes charges.

He said that several government politicians, including him, were disappointed by the court verdict.

Ganeshan said the country’s legal system cannot be trusted despite assurances by the justice minister.

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