Nov 19, 2018

Another Rs. 25m down the drain for today's parliament session?

According to information officers of parliament, it has been revealed that an estimated sum of over Rs. 25 million is spent on each Parliament session.

Accordingly, over Rs. 2450 million has been spent for 95 parliament sessions held in 2017.

In view of the deplorable behaviour of parliamentarians during last week's parliamentary sessions, these numbers have raised eyebrows and sparked public anger.

It has been estimated that the three disastrous parliament sessions held last week had cost around Rs. 80 million.

It was regrettable to see MPs misusing parliament sessions to achieve their own political agendas while causing damages to public property and making the country a laughing stock before the international community, instead of putting the taxpayer money to good use.

Each MP is paid a sitting allowance for attending parliament sessions. It is now been discussed whether MPs actually deserve to be paid their sitting allowance if raucous conduct is all that they are capable of during a parliament session held at such a staggering cost of public money.

Another hot topic taken up in social media circles is the need to introduce legislation to recall MPs, similar to the Recall of MPs Bill of UK, which will allow voters to sack misbehaving MPs.