Nov 17, 2018

2 PMs exist but no one to pay the potato farmers Featured

“Now there are two persons who are claiming to be the Prime Minister and the country currently has two Prime Ministers. There are two ministers per subject, but the government has failed to provide the Rs. 180 million due to potato farmers for their potato crop,” said the National Organiser of the All Ceylon Farmers Federation Namal Karunaratne.

He said this during a media conference by the potato farmers in Welimada today.

The media conference was attended by the National committee member of the All Ceylon Farmers Federation Gunawardena, Secretary of the Uva Paranagama United Formers Association H.M. Karunaratne, farmer leaders of the area Jayantha Upatissa, Anura Ratne and a group of farmers.

The farmers revealed that the government had promised to purchase the potato harvest from the farmers and they had provided the best of the crop to the government, but so far the farmers had not been paid for their potatoes which amounts to Rs. 180 million.

Namal Karunaratne said despite the two Prime Ministers claiming to be the legitimate PM through the media, the Agriculture Minister has not been changed and is still in office. Hence, he said the minister cannot ‘pass the ball’ and get away from performing his duty.

 He noted that due to the conspiracy hatched by the President the whole country is in turmoil and the MPs are fighting each other in parliament.

He said due to the conflicts in parliament these ministers in parliament are turning deaf ear to the problems faced by the farmers.

He questioned as to why the government is unable to pay the farmers their dues of Rs. 180 million when ministers are being bought and sold for 500-600 million.