Nov 16, 2018

Net to be installed at World’s End

A safety net is to be installed at two identified locations beneath the viewing point at World’s End, Horton Plains, according to the Horton Plains National Park Custodian Pradeep Kumara.

With the recent death of the German national Julia Helga, who had fallen to her death while trying to take a selfie, this proposal had been suggested during a meeting held with the Central Province Assistant Wildlife Director, regarding the precautionary measures that could be taken to protect visitors at world’s end

Pradeep Kumara said that around 500,000 local and foreign visitors arrive at Horton Plains annually and at the time of issuing tickets, they are advised about the required precautions through various means.

He noted that certain tour guides send the tourists by themselves on the long trail and opt to remain at the entry points without accompanying them.

Pradeep Kumara said that these environmentally friendly safety nets being currently used by the military would be installed at two locations beneath the viewing platform to around 80 metres as a safety measure.