Nov 16, 2018

Political crisis likely to go on Featured

The joint opposition wants several days of debate followed by a vote with regard to the no-confidence motion moved against Mahinda Rajapaksa following its inclusion in the agenda.

The JO has decided to submit this suggestion to a meeting of party leaders today (15) after president Maithripala Sirisena asked leaders of the parties that support the no-confidence motion to demonstrate majority support.

He declined to accept the result of a floor vote, and said he would recognize and act in accordance with the constitution, if a new no-confidence motion was moved properly.

In such an eventuality, speaker Karu Jayasuriya will have to recognize Rajapaksa as the prime minister and the government, following which a leader of the house, chief government whip, opposition leader and chief opposition whip have to be appointed.

Speaker’s stand

However, Jayasuriya told parliament yesterday that the cabinet had been dissolved following the passage of the no-confidence motion.

He said he would not recognize any prime minister, cabinet member or parliament positions.

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