Dec 27, 2016

Horiwila to be declared a world heritage site Featured

The United Nations is expected to declare in February the ancient Horiwila village in Anuradhapura as a world heritage site.

This is due to its rich agricultural traditions and inhabitants, who continue to use traditional farming methods, while the area is home to a unique ecosystem, said FAO’s deputy representative here Dr. B.G.P. Wijeratne.

A team led by the secretary of the technical committee from the UN’s globally important agricultural heritage systems in Rome is currently in the area conducting research on the area and traditional medicinal practices.

Meanwhile, the toxin free nation programme of the Presidential Secretariat requests the public to cook a toxin free Kiribath on January 01.

It notes that wrong eating habits and the foods containing toxins have caused a health hazard of non-communicable diseases.

Around 100,000 suffer from the agricultural kidney disease, while 28,000 have died so far.

Also, 25,000 persons fall victim every year to cancer, it notes.

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