Nov 07, 2018

'Unusual' deaths at Chilaw Hospital

A complicated situation has arisen at the Chilaw Hospital due to three infant deaths and one maternal death being reported over a period of ten days.

Due to this situation the patients receiving treatment at the Chilaw Hospital are in fear.

When contacted regarding this situation, the Acting Director of the Chilaw Hospital Dr. Poddalgoda accepted that this was an unusual situation where three newborn babies and a mother to have died at childbirth. However, he had taken up his post as the Director of the hospital just a month ago.

The first incident had occurred on October 28 where a 30-year-old mother Rasika Jeewani and her baby had died during childbirth.

The second incident was on November 4th where the child born to 21-year-old Tania Kalhari of Nalladarankattuwa had died during childbirth.

The other incident was the day before yesterday (05), where 30-year-old Periyandi Wathani’s child had died during childbirth.

According to Aruna Priyanga, the husband of the deceased woman, his wife was in good health when she had gone to the hospital for her delivery.

“From the start of her pregnancy, we channeled the doctors and she was in good health. This is our second child and when she was admitted to hospital on the 24th, we signed the consent form to perform a cesarean operation to deliver the child, but the hospital did not heed our request. Then they said that the delivery was done normally, but then both my wife and child had died. Now they claim that on the ticket it is stated that my wife had not consented to a caesarean delivery. Hence, I urge the authorities to carry out a handwriting test to determine if the handwriting on that form is my wife’s or not. They should conduct a proper investigation,” he said.

The hospital had stated the reason for the death of Tania’s child as complications that had arisen due to her serious diabetes condition.

However, Tania claims that she does not have diabetes and her mother blames the hospital for the death of the infant.

Meanwhile, no reason has been given for the death of Periyandi Wathani’s child. The child was cremated yesterday (06) without a postmortem on the request of the parents.

Therefore, considering these deaths it is the responsibility of the authorities to conduct a proper investigation as the Director too has admitted that this is an unusual situation. He said that the relevant divisions had been notified to conduct an investigation to determine if there had been some germ spreading in the hospital, as well.

When the reporters had gone to the hospital to report on this situation and take photographs, the ward authorities had denied them the opportunity, despite the approval of the Acting Director.