Oct 29, 2018

Anuradhapura Thalassemia patients take to the streets

A group of Thalassemia patients had protested by lying on the road opposite the Anuradhapura Teaching Hospital against the removal of the ward that they had been receiving treatment so far.

Around 400 Thalassemia patients visit this ward daily from remote areas in Anuradhapura and the hospital administrators had taken a decision on October 27 to remove this ward that was treating these patients. Hence, the parents of the children with Thalassemia had staged this protest which was organized by the Thalassemia circle.

This ward had two doctors providing treatment to the patients and one of them had left due to illness and the hospital administrators had taken the decision to transfer the Thalassemia patients to other wards.

The protestors claimed that despite requests to the hospital director and administration to provide another doctor for the treatment of the Thalassemia patients, they had failed to do so and transferring the patients to other wards gives rise to many complications.

Hence, they urged the authorities to provide urgent solutions to their issues, failing which they had threatened serious action.