Oct 27, 2018

Act according to SL constitution - US, UK, EU (Update)

The US State Department Southern and Central Asian Affairs Bureau and a joint statement by the delegation of the European Union have urged all Sri Lankan political parties to act according to the constitution and refrain from violence.

The EU joint statement said : 

"The Ambassador of the European Union as well as the Ambassadors of France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Romania and the UK High Commissioner are closely following the events as they are unfolding in Sri Lanka. We urge all parties to fully act in accordance with Sri Lanka’s constitution, to refrain from violence, to follow due institutional process, to respect the independence of institutions, and freedom of media."

Meanwhile, in a Tweet, the US State Department Southern and Central Asian Affairs Bureau had notified that the US is observant of the happenings in Sri Lanka.

us concern

British Government’s Asian and Pacific region Minister Mark Field also tweeted and called on all parties in Sri Lanka to act in accordance with the Constitution and conduct political activities with respect.

uk concern


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