Oct 24, 2018

President approves of Champika’s proposal to deal with HR charges Featured

Minister Patali Champika Ranawaka has proposed the launch of an immediate diplomatic drive to save Sri Lanka from accusations at the UN human rights sessions in March next year.

He made the proposal at yesterday’s (23) cabinet meeting, while commenting on a suggestion by the prime minister to set up a truth and reconciliation commission.

Neth News reports the president has approved of the minister’s proposal.

2 important matters

Presenting his suggestion, Ranawaka said Sri Lanka should submit a report of the achievements it has made so far, when the US, UK sponsored resolution against the country is taken up in March 2019.

DonaldT 600xp 16 11 09 US pulled out from the UNHRCWith the withdrawal of the US from the UNHRC, only Germany and certain European countries are left to support the resolution.

Now, all these countries understand the true nature of terrorism by experience and having introduced new anti-terrorism legislation.

It is the Sri Lankan government’s responsibility to explain how it tackled terrorism.

Steps towards reconciliation

At the same time, many steps have been taken to bring about reconciliation, he said, with the withdrawal of the military from public life in all provinces, with only its pre-2006 camps remaining.

Furthermore, the military has vacated around 90 per cent of the land it has occupied and the remaining civilian land could be released by March next year.

Also, powerful human rights and police commissions are in place, with the police maintaining law and order.

Enforcement of law equally Champika 670px 29 10 17“Even the Army’s second in command was arrested on a criminal charge.”

It is proven that the law is enforced equally and independently, said Ranawaka, giving the arrest of the second in command of the Army on a criminal charge as an example.

Nearly 13,000 people have been rehabilitated and released, and there are no political prisoners, with only 66 accused or proven guilty of serious crimes remain behind bars.

A missing persons office has been set up to deal with the issues of persons missing since the 1980s, while there is a proposal to find the truth.

Reparations office

A humanitarian and reasonable mechanism is in place through the reparations office to restore lives of those who lost their breadwinners or their properties.

The new counter-terrorism act has to be adopted before March next year.

The government has launched massive projects to develop the northern and eastern provinces.

The government is acting in a humanitarian and reasonable manner, but certain groups are distorting them and trying to paint a negative picture among the northern and southern people, he charged.

Champikaranawaka 12 01 16 “Govt. committed a mistake when it co-sponsored the UNHRC resolution”The government committed a mistake when it became a co-sponsor for the UNHRC resolution against Sri Lanka, he said, adding it was now time to withdraw from that act through diplomatic channels efficiently and productively.