Oct 24, 2018

Namal Kumara is a liar - lawyer Featured

The lawyer for former DIG Nalaka de Silva has challenged the authenticity of audios provided by Namal Kumara who has alleged a conspiracy to assassinate VVIPs.

Lawyer Ajith Pathirana told Colombo Fort magistrate Lanka Jayaratne that the mobile phone which Kumara claimed to have used to record the so-called audios had the voice editing ‘Audio Cut’ software.

The lawyer also charged the man had been expelled by the Air Force for having submitted faked documents.

Pathirana, also Borella organizer of the UNP, went onto say the conspiracy to kill the president was a fabricated one.

He commented on media reports that quoted the government analyst as saying the voices in the audios tallied with the voices of Nalaka de Silva and Namal Kumara.

This is what the lawyer says about the conspiracy claim:

Meanwhile, Maithri Gunaratne, lawyer for Namal Kumara, charged in court that Nalaka de Silva was not being arrested despite the existence of adequate evidence against him, due to some pressure.

The CID informed the court that Namal Kumara had not resigned his position in the Air Force and also had brief stints at the Army and in the Avant Garde security service.

It requested the court for permission to obtain a statement to determine if Namal Kumara was an accomplice in the conspiracy.

The magistrate turned down the request on the ground that neither Namal Kumara or his lawyer has made such a request.