Oct 24, 2018

Fishermen helpless as lagoon turns red! (Pics)

Due to the water being released from the Wanathawilluwa – Aruwakkalu garbage dump construction site, the Serakkuliya lagoon has turned completely red.

The fishermen claim that the construction workers had used motors and released the water that had filled at the site, which had caused the discolouration of the lagoon water.

Many fishermen from the surrounding villages engage in fishing activities in the lagoon and due to the red soil mixed water suddenly being released into the lagoon, their fisheries activities have been severely affected, the Serakkuliya fishermen said.

They say that this situation could also impact on their caged ‘Moda’ fish project.

Due to the Aruwakkalu garbage dump construction site waste the fishermen have raised concern about their fishing activities being affected and claim that they fear what would be their plight once the garbage site is completed and operational.

When contacted, the project director of the Aruwakkalu garbage facility, Jayavilal Fernando said, “I instructed the local engineers to check on this situation, the moment I was notified. The rain water that had collected had been released into the lagoon by the Chinese workers, but we have not been given any permission to release any waste into the lagoon or waterways during or after the construction of this facility. Hence, an investigation would be carried out and legal action would be initiated against anyone who had flouted the regulations.”

Pics by Jude Samantha – Puttalam Corr.

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