Oct 23, 2018

Another ‘Awa’ attack in Jaffna

A group suspected to be members of the ‘Awa’ gang had attacked a shop in the Kondavil, Thawadi area in Jaffna on 21st night and had also damaged a three wheeler that was parked opposite the shop.

The shop and three wheeler sustained damages in the attack.

According to eyewitnesses, around five persons had attacked the shop while two of them had pistols in hand, the other two swords and the fifth an iron rod.

However, the Kopai Police claim that there is no evidence to suggest that they had carried any guns.

So far no suspects had been identified in connection with the attack, but the residents of the Thawadi area in Kondavil said that the attack had been carried out by the Awa gang members as the shop owner had not complied with an extortion demand by the Awa gang.

The Kopai Police is further investigating.