Oct 22, 2018

Bribery Commission to probe Kotikawatte Sanasa

The Bribery Commission has decided to investigate a complaint against massive fraud and corruption allegedly committed by the chairman and the manager of Kotikawatte Cooperative Thrifty Society (Sanasa) and state officials who had aided them, according to reports reaching Sri Lanka Mirror.

The CID has received the complaint from members of the Society, and on the instructions of its ASP Mohan Siriwardena, the complainants referred the matter to the Bribery Commission as well.

They have been sending complaints to the western provincial cooperatives commissioner and the deputy commissioner even before the audit report for 2015 was due, but to no avail.

An act of bribery is suspected in the cover-up by the Cooperatives Department, as the daughter of one of its audit commissioners had been given a job at the Kotikawatte Sanasa.

Some officials of the Departments have been bribed by way of foreign trips, electrical equipment and money.

In addition to the documentary evidence, telephone conversations among the accused, including by the chairman and the former secretary in which they admit the wrongdoing, have been submitted to the Bribery Commission.

Since the complaint describes how the illegally-acquired wealth has been invested, the moveable and immovable assets of the accused and their family members will also be investigated.