Oct 19, 2018

Lanza attacks Meepura again

The Negombo Municipality Mayor Dayan Lanza and a group of his men had grabbed the camera of the Meepura reporter Samson Gnanasiri, removed the chip and erased some photographs on it this morning (19).

This incident had occurred when the reporter had gone to report on the removal of illegal constructions in the Negombo Periyamulla area.It is also reported that this incident had taken place in the presence of the Negombo Police personnel.

The Meepura website has been operating for over a decade against the Rajapaksa-Lansa corrupt rule in Negombo.

Previously on June 02, 2016 the Meepura Editor Freddy Gamage was attacked by the then Deputy Mayor Dayan Lanza and a case is currently being heard at the Negombo Magistrate’s Court.