Oct 19, 2018

Badminton HQ, living quarters for female clerk, boyfriend Featured

Certain officials of sports bodies are using the lack of knowledge of subject minister Faizer Mustafa in sports to their advantage, it is alleged.

Two best examples are cricket and badminton which are without officials due to court proceedings against election of office-bearers.

Cricket is run by the sports secretary, while an interim committee manages badminton.

One Nishantha Jayasinghe has been appointed by Mustafa as chairman of the badminton interim committee.

Its secretary and the deputy secretary resigned in protest after Jayasinghe contested the National Olympic Committee election despite objections.

A secretary appointed later resigned as he could not work with him.

Jayasinghe has allegedly given a room at the badminton association headquarters, which accommodates players only, to a female clerk and her boyfriend to serve as their living quarters.

He has even ordered members of the national pool to pay for their training at the association courts.

Jayasinghe refused to give permission to two players to play in an international event in Dubai.

Players are very much displeased with the indifferent attitude of the sports minister in the face of all this wrongdoing.