Oct 17, 2018

Norwood depot income affected due to landslide

Due to the landslide on the main Norwood, New weligama road, the daily income of the SLTB depot has been hampered.

According to the Depot Inspector Rohana de Silva, due to the landslide in the Norwood, New Weligama area on the Hatton Bagawanthalawa main road, the SLTB daily revenue had reduced.

He said prior to the landslide, the busses on this route used to operate to Bagawanthalawa, Balangoda, Samimale, Norwood, Maskeliya, Nallathanniya areas but now they are forced to travel an extra 84 km on the Nortonbridge – Maskeliya road.

He said they don’t get an income for the extra fuel costs to ply this longer route and as such the income of the depot has reduced by around Rs. 200,000.

He also said the SLTB buses face stiff opposition from the private busses that ply the Nortonbridge road.

Pics by Ranjith Rajapaksha – Hatton Corr.