Oct 08, 2018

Estate workers wear black bands (pics)

A group of estate workers had staged a protest at the factory wearing black bands and demanding that their wage be increased to Rs. 1000.

The workers of the Norwood Stockholm estate had staged the protest this morning from 8.00 to 9.30.

They demanded that their current daily wage of Rs. 530 be increased to rs. 1000 per day.

The protestors commenced their protest opposite the tea factory and proceeded along the Hatton-Samimale road, and later burnt an effigy of the factory owners in front of the factory.

Based on a request of the estate unions, these estate workers of every estate engage in a two hour protest prior to the commencement of their daily work. Thereafter, they get back to work.

The united estate unions and estate owners had held several rounds of talks which had ended without an agreement.

It’s been two months since the earlier agreement was signed between both parties (this is signed every two years).

Pics by Ranjith Rajapaksa – Hatton Corr.






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