Oct 07, 2018

No reaction to Nissanka's proposition to secure dollar income to Sri Lanka

Chairman of Avant Garde Maritime Services (Pvt.) Ltd. - Retd. Major Nissanka Senadhipathi had formally tabled a proposal with regard to a proposition to bring in a substantial dollar income to the nation.

The proposal had been tabled before the ministry of defence in late June 2018, two months before the steep depreciation of the rupee began against the US dollar.

The proposal suggests employing retired war veterans which would bring in an annual income of USD 850 million to the country.

It is said that although the proposal was extremely promising, Maj. Senadhipathi was not given a chance to put his suggestion into practice.

If the proposal did receive approval, it would have created upto 15,000 job opportunities for retired war veterans, reports add.

The MoD has responded in August 2018, two months after the proposal was initially tabled, urging the company to attend a meeting chaired by the defence secretary on this regard. However, we learn that there have been no further developments on this regard, since then.

The proposal by Avant Garde Maritime Services (Pvt.) Ltd.

The MoD's response