Oct 05, 2018

Is Sadaharitha destroying the Kudumiriya rainforest?

The trees at the Kudumiriya rainforest belonging to the Singharaja forest in the Ratnapura, Kalawana District Secretariat Division are being destroyed by Sadaharitha Plantations using chemicals, allege the Rainforest Protectors of Sri Lanka.

Issuing a statement this organization charged that this company uses machines and drills holes in large trees and inserts chemicals causing the trees to die and tries to show that the trees had died naturally. But this is not something that can be done by an ordinary person and is clearly evident that this destruction is caused by a large company.

This forest reserve had been cleared to a great extent due to human activities during the past and state organizations took great effort to protect it. Under such a background, this situation has arisen again.

The Kudumiriya rainforest is surrounded by a ring of mountains and is not approachable by vehicle. It is the catchment area for the Kuda river and Deltota river. This reserve is bordering several villages and is the main source of sustenance for thousands of villagers. These villagers are also facing the threat of these chemicals getting into their drinking water sources.

The Central Environmental Authority has drawn up plans to label this area a environmentally sensitive area.

The Rainforest Protectors have written to Sadaharitha Plantations on several occasions and urge the authorities to take immediate action to stop this destruction and take those responsible for this destruction before the law.

Who is Sadaharitha?

The Chairman of Sadaharitha is Sathis Nawaratne and his wife Sakuntala Nawaratne is also a director of the company. The directors of this firm are Muditha Jayawardena and Jayampathy Mirando.

Sadaharitha Plantations Team Recovered

Although we tried on several instances to contact the company management for a comment, our efforts failed. However, when contacted a female officer of the company said that she was told by the directors that this land does not belong to their company. They had notified her that this land had been sold several years back.

 Who is the owner of this land?

When we contacted the convener of the Rainforest Protectors of Sri Lanka Jayantha Wijesinghe, he said that Sadaharitha Plantations had notified him that this land had been sold earlier, but when asked who had bought the land, the Chairman of sadaharitha had refused to give the details of who bought it.

Although he had written to sadaharitha on several occasions, he had not received a response, he said.

The letter sent by Rainforest Protectors of Sri Lanka to Sadaharitha is shown below.




Sadaharitha 1

Sadaharitha 3

Sadaharitha 4

Sadaharitha 5

Sadaharitha 6

Sadaharitha 7

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