Oct 04, 2018

French migration racket revealed

The multi-day trawler owners are facing a huge dilemma, due to a racket where some fishermen are migrating to a French island with political assistance.

These fishermen who leave prepared with food and water enough for several days of fishing and mid way they sink their boats and are taken to Preunion island by another boat. This racket takes place with political protection, said the President of the Multi-day Trawler Owners’ Association Sujith Samantha.

The fishermen of three trawlers that left the Dikovita harbor are currently on their way to this island, he said. He noted that these fishermen who engage in fishing activities for around two to three years suddenly join these racketeers and sink these trawlers and escape putting the trawler owners into a dire situation as they are unable to bear this loss. The trawler owners claim that they have to spend around 8 million for a trawler and for each fishing trip they have to incur around Rs. 1.5 million in food and fuel expenses and that it is a huge loss for them when these boats are sunk.

According to a trawler owner named Sunil, around three months back, six fishermen were sent on a fishing expedition and they had sunk his trawler and fled to the French island. Although he notified the Foreign Ministry about it, they claimed that the trawler had ventured into international waters and filed charges.

Meanwhile, the President of the Association said that although the Fisheries Ministry and the Police had been notified of the three trawlers currently on their way to France, no action has been taken so far.


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