Oct 02, 2018

Don't need to wait until 2030 to go to Temple Trees - Sajith

Although certain members of the Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna had stated that he will have to wait until 2030 to go to either the President's House or Temple Trees, minister Sajith Premadasa says that he does not need to do so.
Regardless of what political opponents think, I am not greedy for power, minister Premadasa says, adding that his ultimate goal is to provide everyone with a roof over their heads by finishing work of 20,000 'Uda Gammana' in 2025.
He was speaking at the opening of the 124th Uda Gammanaya - Bisowedigama.
Noting that intelligent people are beginning to understand what the SLPP is gearing up to secure the Presidency and Premiership to one family.
Now they are openly questioning whether only the Rajapaksas can become a president or PM. Even Kumara Welgama, an original SLFPer is questioning this, he added.
He further said, "Just because my father was a former PM and a President of the country, it doesn't mean I would inherit the country's leadership. The public can decide that if, I am worthy, if I am exerting on behalf of the public and if I have the talent."

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