Oct 01, 2018

V.K.A. Anura attempts Colombo land scam Featured

Colombo municipal commissioner V.K.A. Anura and deputy municipal treasurer Merl Ponweera are trying to illegally handover a plot of land at Maradana to Meerania and Company, according to reports reaching Sri Lanka Mirror.

The property at no. 35, Devanampiyatissa Mawatha, Maradana had been taken over by the Colombo Municipal Council 20 years ago due to non-payment of assessment tax.

A court case relating to Meerania Company too, has upheld the CMC’s ownership of the land.

According to the law, the land cannot be returned even if the assessment tax dues are paid if the CMC has made a registration of the takeover with a purchasing certificate.

The company had been trying for the past eight years or so to get the land back.

The CMC legal officer and the former municipal treasurer have told them that that was not possible.

However, Anura, Ponweera and certain councilors are trying to give the land back to the company with the hope of obtaining a bribe, a CMC official told SLM.

They had even submitted a proposal to the finance committee that the land should be returned.

Harassment of a female employee

Meanwhile, Anura has a complaint lodged against him at the Children and Women’s Bureau by a female employee of harassment.

The employee, Malini Siriwardena has resigned from her position.

An inquiry is due for tomorrow (02).

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