“Disgusting to reject human rights” – Mangala Samaraweera “Disgusting to reject human rights” – Mangala Samaraweera
Sep 30, 2018

Mangala again criticizes Cardinal Ranjith Featured

Minister Mangala Samaraweera says his stand remains unchanged with regard to a statement made by Archbishop, Malcolm Cardinal Ranjith.

Samaraweera says he formed ‘Mothers’ Front’ in 1988-89 and entered politics purely to fight for human rights, and says he rejects with disgust if anyone says human rights are not needed.

Speaking to the media following a function in Matara yesterday (29), he went onto to say that it was an insult to the Cardinal that a notorious drug-dealer was appearing for him now.

“Like they are a new finding”

There has been criticism of a remark made by Cardinal Ranjith during a mass at St. Matthew’s Church, Ekala, where he said the West was having a new religion in human rights, which have come into being recently like they are a new finding.

He also condemned those who do not follow a religion.

Mangala’s response

In his first response, Samaraweera took the Cardinal’s remark to task.

The need for human rights was an outcome of the marauding religious zealots of the inquisition and the crusades, where nonbelievers were massacred “En-Bloc”, he said in a twitter message.

“Pity, the Cardinal always seems to get things wrong in trying to be a populist,” he said.

Cardinal previously promoted human rights

However, the video below shows that the Cardinal had propagated human rights.

Pope’s speech in Sri Lanka in 2015

During his Sri Lanka tour of January 2015, Pope Francis made a speech in which he valued human rights.

Also, in a mass at the Vatican in January 2018, he urged the use of declaration of human rights.

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