Sep 28, 2018

Complaint to Rosie on sexual harassment at CMC Featured

Municipal Councilor Shermila Gonawela had complained to the Colombo mayor Rosie Senanayake yesterday alleging that the females working at the CMC were facing sexual harassment by the senior officers.

Shermila had stated in her complaint that the females at the CMC had faced sexual harassment on several occasions during their work, but had kept quiet about it all this time.

She had stated that these officers pass comments and have threatened to rape and murder them if these females complained about it.

She said that written evidence by the women who underwent such harassment had been handed over to the Mayor and also to the Western Province Governor Hemakumara Nanayakkara.

Therefore, she said that these women find it difficult to carry on with their work under such circumstances and urged the Mayor to appoint a committee to investigate this issue and take stern action against those found guilty of these charges.

In response, Mayor Rosie Senanayake said these allegations would be investigated and those found guilty would be sternly dealt with. She said the Councilors would be advised to protect these females from their senior officers and this issue would be taken up seriously and dealt with.