Sep 21, 2018

Law and Order should be taken under the President - Dilan

The Law and Order Ministry should be immediately taken under the President, said MP Dilan Perera of the SLFP group of 15.

He said although there is a minister in charge of the Police, it is being controlled by Temple Trees and Sagala Ratnayake, hence, trust cannot be placed in the police.

He said this joining a press briefing held at the Punchi Borella Nidahase Kendraya yesterday (20).

He further said, “There is some conspiracy behind the taped conversation to assassinate the President and former Defence Secretary. If the voice on the tape is not that of the DIG and it is someone else’s voice, that is also a conspiracy.

Hence, it is confirmed that there is a plot to assassinate the President. Therefore, not only the plan to kill the President, but there is also a political conspiracy to obtain the Presidency without an election.

According to the 19th Amendment to the Constitution, if anything happens to the President, only the Prime Minister can sit on that chair. Hence, this is a grave situation.

When Sarath Fonseka insulted the Army Commander, no statement was obtained from him. Similarly, in the Keith Noyahr incident, although statements were obtained from the former President and former Defence Secretary, no statement was obtained from Sarath Fonseka at any point.

Under these circumstances, the police should be immediately taken under the President as an emergency measure. The plot to assassinate two leaders at the same time is an unusual situation that has arisen in the country.”



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