Dec 20, 2016

Chandima opposes Vajira’s view Featured

The SLFP will never agree for a legal provision to create a super minister around whom powers will be concentrated, says minister Chandima Weerakkody.

He says he is aware of the destruction caused to the country due to certain persons having acted as super ministers in the past.

At this moment, everybody should focus on legal provisions to attract investment and speed up development, says Weerakkody.

He is responding to a public statement by UNP minister Vajira Abeywardena that Sri Lanka needed a minister with super powers if the country wanted to see development.

Parliament will not hesitate to grant the powers required for economic development activities, according to him.

SLFP spokesman and state minister Dilan Perera has said that his party would not allow the creation of a super minister position as long as it remained a member of the coalition government.

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