Sep 17, 2018

Johnny’s bail application denied Featured

The Appeal Court today (17), rejected the reversion bail application by Joint Opposition MP Johnston Fernando bail application filed on behalf of former Minister Johnston Fernando a which was given by the Kurunegala High Court pending the conclusion of the case.

The order was given by judges Janak de Silva and Achala Wengappuli.

Johnston Fernando had filed a petition in the Appeals Court claiming that the Attorney general had filed a case against him on charges that he had committed a financial discrepancy during the previous government at Sathosa.

He had noted that the High Court had granted him bail and that he had not violated the bail conditions at any point.

Therefore, he said that the order issued by the High Court Judge prior to the commencement of the case, to have him under remand custody until the conclusion of the case, is in total violation of the law.

Hence, Johnston Fernando had appealed to the Appeals Court to have him released on bail until the case is concluded and to declare the Kurunegala High Court Judge’s order illegal.