Sep 17, 2018

Vavuniya SLTB workers on strike

The Vavuniya Sri Lanka transport Board workers launched a strike action today (17).

The SLTB workers had launched this strike action demanding justice regarding an assault on a bus conductor by a private bus owner near the new bus stand in Vavuniya

The cause for this dispute is that a private bus plying from Jaffna to Akkaraipattu had not allowed a long distance bus to stop at the Vavuniya bus stand which led to the SLTB workers to launch this strike.

During this dispute, the private bus owner had assaulted the SLTB bus conductor which led to a heated dispute between the two factions of bus operators.

 Following the dispute the Vavuniya depot employees had removed their busses from the Vavuniya bus stand, while the police had taken both busses involved in the dispute into custody.

The SLTB employees were protesting against this incident, claiming that their lives were at risk by the private bus owners and workers.

The protesting SLTB workers have refused to work under such a situation that puts their lives in jeopardy, calling on the relevant authorities to intervene and resolve this issue by providing the SLTB busses a separate section within the Vavuniya bus stand to carry on their work without hindrance.

The Vavuniya Sri Lanka Transport Board workers had also joined in the protest.

 Pics by Madhawa Kulasooriya- Vavuniya Corr.