Sep 17, 2018

'Home Stay' loan scheme from 'Enterprise Sri Lanka'

The Under the V2025 goal of making Sri Lanka a rich country, in line with the Budget proposals for 2017, a loan scheme under the Enterprise Sri Lanka was launched for homestay operators across the country.

This loan scheme would assist people to construct annexes to their homes with all required facilities or construct small tourist homes.

The maximum loan limit is Rs. 5 million and the government bears half of the interest payment on this loan. The banks charge an interest of 13.5% for the loan and the government pays 7.5% of the interest payment.

A time limit of ten years has been given for the repayment of the loan.

This loan can be obtained from the Bank of Ceylon, People’s Bank and the Regional Development Bank. Further information could be obtained from the Enterprise Sri Lanka counter at the above mentioned banks or the Tourism Development Authority.

This programme is being jointly launched by the Finance and Media Ministry and the Kandyan Development Ministry.