Sep 16, 2018

No Swiss visa for women representing missing persons Featured

Swiss authorities have blocked a group of Tamil women, whose relatives are missing, from travelling to Geneva to make representations at the UN Human Rights Council sessions, according to

The Swiss embassy in the Colombo has denied visa for them.

Expressing anger over this, relatives of the missing persons accused foreign governments of double-standards.

They noted that chief of defence staff Ravindra Wijegunaratne had been given visa although he is accused of harbouring a suspect responsible for disappearances.

Coordinator of an association for missing persons in Mullaitivu Mariyasuresh Iswari, speaking to the media on the 557th day of a protest, questioned if that was the international justice.

Her colleague Ranjana Prabhakaran said it was the reality that the government was not giving them answers while foreign countries blocked them from seeking justice.

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