Dec 20, 2016

Super powers will be given despite Dilan's opposition – Vajira (video) Featured

Minister Vajira Abeywardena, who is very close to prime minister Ranil Wickremesinghe, says Sri Lanka needs a minister with super powers if the country wants to see development.

He is responding to a remark by SLFP spokesman and state minister Dilan Perera that his party will not allow the creation of a super minister position as long as its remains a member of the coalition government.

It is a joke not to talk about how Singapore and Malaysia used such especial powers to achieve development, while saying that Sri Lanka could derive an example from such countries, Abeywardena says.

Parliament will not hesitate to grant the powers required for economic development activities, according to him.

Dilan again responds

Meanwhile, Dilan Perera has responded to criticism against him by three UNP backbenchers that he should leave the government if he could not refrain from criticizing the government while obtaining all privileges and facilities given by it.

At a public rally in Kamburupitiya, he said he would not take note about what was being said by nobodies.

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