Sep 11, 2018

Differences worsen between Fonseka & Army chief Featured

Differences are worsening between former Army chief, minister Field Marshal Sarath Fonseka and incumbent Lt. Gen. Mahesh Senanayake.

Just yesterday (10), Fonseka attacked Senanayake, saying he is not suitable to be the Army’s commander.

Not satisfied with national security

He said he was not at all happy with the way the national security was being taken care of.

Fonseka said he got to know that the military officers in the north had not been consulted when evacuating camps from the province.

In response to the claims Fonseka and several other military officers, the Army said in a statement that those long retired officers were incapable of understanding, and had not ethical right to criticize the strength of the Army.

armypressArmy’s statement

It said the Army condemned the criticism of national security by involving the government, defence ministry and the Army’s leadership.

The Army statement asked the public to continue to place their trust in it.

It said there was nothing wrong to change the Army camps on the recommendation of field commanders and by analyzing the security situation.

SarathFonseka 670px 21 01 17 He is misjudging – Sarath FonsekaFonseka responded strongly to the Army’s statement, and charged the commander had ordered the closing down of 33 battalions.

Senanayake was a brigadier during the war, and if he thinks he knows better than us, he has misjudged it all, Fonseka told the media.

The incumbent became the Army’s chief, as he was to retire as the fourth senior-most officer, not because of any talent, because the qualified persons were involved in wrongdoing, he said further.

The commander has a distorted mind, and instead of shaving his head like Idi Amin, he should know how to comb his hair like an important public servant, Fonseka said.

Senanayake is yet to respond to the minister’s latest outburst.

A defence ministry spokesman has told BBC Sinhala Service that the dispute was due to the Army commander’s refusal to change officers of the Army as wanted by Fonseka.

The ministry spokesman added that the president would be informed about the minister’s remarks.