Sep 05, 2018

Police have power to arrest anti-govt. conspirators - judiciary Featured

Sri Lanka's judiciary has said that the police can arrest anyone engaged in an anti-government conspiracy without a judicial order since it is a serious offence under the Penal Code.

Colombo Chief Magistrate Ranga Dissanayake has stressed that if anyone in the Joint Opposition is engaged in an anti-government conspiracy, such individuals should be arrested.

The judge has given this advice when the Cinnamon Gardens Police told the court that they have received information that the Joint Opposition protesters are prepared to surround the President's House and sought a court order to prevent the protesters entering the streets near the President's House.

The leaders of the Joint Opposition have reportedly claimed that they will surround the parliament and several other important places during their protest rally to be held on Wednesday in Colombo.

The Cinnamon Gardens Police pointed out to the Court that there could be public inconvenience due to their protest.

The Chief Magistrate rejecting the request by the police said if there was information that the Joint Opposition is engaged in an anti-government conspiracy, it is not necessary to obtain a preventive order. However, the Magistrate stressed that the suspects could be arrested.

In the B report filed by the police, the names of 11 respondents including Parliamentarian Namal Rajapaksa, Wimal Weerawansa and Vasudeva Nanayakkara are mentioned.

Welikada and Collpetty police stations had also sought court orders to bar the protest rally being held in their respective police divisions. However, courts had rejected these requests as well stating that the police can use their power to arrest the protesters if they disrupt peace.

The police meanwhile said they have no intention of sabotaging the Joint Opposition rally but action will be taken under the Police Ordinance if the protest rally causes any inconveniences to the public.

The IGP yesterday said Police Special Task Force (STF) will be deployed for the security in the Colombo city on the 5th and several special police teams from outskirts will be called to the city.

Meanwhile, additional police officers had been deployed to the Cinnamon Garden police today (04) due to the 'Jana Balaya' protest rally of the Joint Opposition to be held tomorrow.

The IGP further said special security will be provided to the parliament and other important establishments and special police intelligence units, riot squads and police vehicles will be kept on alert.