Sep 04, 2018

Internship priority for foreign-educated students? Featured

Parents of students who obtained medical education overseas and passed their local examination are accused of influencing the UGC and the SLMC to get priority in internship training for their children.

The union of parents of medical faculty students charges that among these parents were top ministry officials, politicians, doctors and lawyers.

Students of government medical faculties are to get internship training before May 2019, whereas parents of foreign-educated students want their children to start the training by November this year, according to the union.

The process so far was that internships are first given to medical faculty pass-outs, followed by second-time pass-outs, followed by those who obtained their degrees overseas.

The union notes that foreign-educated students, standing at more than 1,500 a year, already outnumber the students of government medical faculties.

Foreign scholarships

The union also questions the higher education ministry’s selection of students for overseas scholarships.

In one case in point, nearly 20 students from a particular community in Mannar and Puttalam have been given scholarships in Pakistan, it claims.

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