Sep 04, 2018

Namal plans to lay siege to Temple Trees tomorrow! Featured

The ‘Jana Balaya Kolambata’ protest team led by MP Namal Rajapaksa has decided to bring many thousands of protestors and lay siege to Temple Trees overnight tomorrow (05).

Rajapaksa says the joint opposition’s party leaders will decide on a venue for their protest meeting.

Speaking to the media in Colombo yesterday, he said the participants would resort to strong action if the government tried to be tough with them.

The first salvo to topple the government will be fired tomorrow, he said.

Pavithra 670px 11 04 18We will lay siege to the places that needs to be surrounded” – Pavitra Wanniarachchi

JO MP Pavitra Wanniarachchi said in Udawalawa yesterday that they would lay siege to the places that needs to be surrounded and start a sit-down protest to send the government home.

A meeting at Lipton Circus?

Meanwhile, a SLFP minister told Sri Lanka Mirror the protestors would come in several processions and converge on Lipton Circus for a meeting.

JO leaders are not agreement with the decision by Namal Rajapaksa followers to lay siege on state institutions, the minister said.

SLFP national organizer Duminda Dissanayake said the government would stand firm despite any number of days the protestors would remain in Colombo.