Sep 04, 2018

Hundreds of thousands will storm Colombo tomorrow - JO

Regardless of how many obstructions the government imposes against the 'Janabalaya Colombata' protest demonstration of the Joint Opposition, nothing can prevent hundreds of thousands storming the city tomorrow (05), the Joint Opposition emphasises.
Speaking, member of the JO, Polonnaruwa district MP - Roshan Ranasinghe states that according to reports,  road passenger transport buses of provinces have already been informed not to provide transport to people travelling to Colombo.
Noting that the government cannot deprive the public's right of obtaining paid transport, MP Ranasinghe adds that this clearly shows how the government has been taken aback by the power of the peoples' mandate.
He added that many have decided to come to Colombo on their own free will due to the wave of mass protest that has arisen against the government.