Sep 01, 2018

Pay hike expected through budget! Featured

All state services could expect a salary hike through the next budget which would be presented in November, the Finance Ministry stated.

This is in accordance with the recommendations of Commission appointed for salary revision of the entire state service.

The Finance Ministry pointed out that this is the first time the entire state service salaries were being revised at once.

The report by the special Salaries Commission is expected to be handed over to the President by mid October, said a senior officer of the Finance Ministry.

He said that the opinions of unions and corporations representing all state institutions would be obtained by the Salaries Commission and a fair salary revision would be done without any discrimination.

This salaries commission is expected to conduct a special study on the salary anomalies of the Railway and Postal Department, the Finance Ministry source added.

He pointed out that if the salaries of the Railway workers is increased, then all state services salaries would also have to be increased accordingly.