Aug 27, 2018

Education Ministry text book racket exposed

Issuing a statement the Secretary of the All Ceylon Teachers Union Joseph Stalin accused the State Printing Corporation of corruption by assigning 98% of the printing of text books under the Education Ministry to private printers.

He said, “Currently the State Printing Corporation is under the Education Ministry and it has said that Rs. 88 million has been spent for the State Printing Corporation by the Education Ministry. However, instead of handling the printing of text books and assigning private printers to print the text books, it is clear that a major fraud has taken place despite being taken under the Education Ministry.

While 410 types of school text books are being printed the State Printing Corporation has only been assigned 24 types. Of the balance, around two types had been given to the government press for printing while the rest had been distributed among 26 private printers.

This is a highly suspicious situation and the Education Ministry spends Rs. 4385 million on text books. Hence, he said by handing over 95% of the printing to private printers, it was evident that instead of strengthening the state sector, the private sector was being strengthened in order to fulfill their intentions.

He said if the state printing corporation is to be developed, then the printing of books should be handed over to them. If the printing is to be outsourced to private printers, then allocating such a huge sum to the State printing Corporation is a grave crime. The All Ceylon Teachers Union has also notified the President in writing on this matter.